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The Dao Ventures consortium has made and/or facilitated investments in and provided a variety of services to both Chinese and international companies, mostly SMEs or SMEs when we helped them get started, over the years, which has created impact not only in China, but also globally.  


We have supported over 1,000 SMEs and accelerated 100+ ventures


We have made and/or facilitated investments of more than $200 million


We have made close to 40 seed grants of $500 to $20,000 to impact ventures across the U.S., Canada, Israel and China 

Exemplary Impact Ventures
Dao Foods Photo_The Grocer.jpg

Dao Foods

Sustainable Food

Dao Foods International, Inc. is a cross-border impact venture established to introduce environmentally-friendly plant-based and clean meat in China. In 2018, it was selected as one of 15 startups disrupting the global meat industry by The Grocer.

Ecofroggy in Guangdong - Copy.jpg


Environmental Education

Ecofroggy International is a social enterprise in China that provides stationery products made from recycled paper and environmental education services to China’s primary school students. Ecofroggy received a Green Entrepreneur award from China’s SEE Foundation in 2017.

Sinen Entech Tower at Yanshan.jpg

Sinen Entech

Industrial Water Recycling

Sinen Entech is China's leading developer and provider of high-temperature condensed water recovery technology, reducing energy intensity and water usage, which is widely used in numerous industry sectors. In 2008, Sinen Entech was selected its cover story by Forbes China. 

Landwasher CEO Henry Wu.jpg


Waterless Toilet Solution

Landwasher Corporation is an environmental enterprise that specializes in the production of intelligent environmentally friendly toilet solutions. Landwasher was selected by Fast Company as one of the world's 50 most innovative companies in 2013 and has been a CIF/New Ventures China venture. 

Mission Barns Product Photo.jpg

Mission Barns

Clean Meat

Mission Barns was founded with the goal of enabling delicious, affordable, scalable, and sustainable meat production by focusing on a component missing from current clean and plant-based meats: clean fat. Mission Barns was the first prize winner of the 2018 Dongsheng-Dao Ventures U.S.-China Entrepreneurship Competition.

SkyCool Systems Product Photo.png

SkyCool Systems

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

SkyCool Systems has developed a breakthrough product that improves the energy efficiency of refrigeration and air conditioning systems by sending heat to the cold sky. The venture was the first prize winner of the 2017 Dongsheng-Dao Ventures U.S.-China Entrepreneurship Competition.

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