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Dao Foods and Six Portfolio Companies Named to China’s 2022 International Future AgriFood Top 100

35斗, a future agrifood industry innovation and media platform in China, held the 2022 International Future AgriFood Top 100 Summit in December in Yangling, Shaanxi Province, where the 2022 International Future AgriFood Top 100 List was released. The summit named Dao Foods International and six of our portfolio companies to its various awards announced.

As the only investor focused on China and its alternative proteins sector, Dao Foods appeared on the list of annual Top20 agrifood investors for the second consecutive year. Among the top 20 investors, Dao Foods has the most significant number of alternative protein portfolio companies recognized at the Summit.

The International Future AgriFood Top 100 List has been released three times since 2019, making it the first industry list in China specifically for agrifood innovation. The list is based on investment and financing data and valuation data and is evaluated through cross-verification of enterprises, financial institutions, and industry experts to ensure a rich sample size, clear selection logic, and accurate and detailed data. The list's purpose is to highlight the innovators who genuinely represent the future direction of the agrifood industry, find the core driving force of industry innovation, showcase a group of leading industry innovators, and promote the future innovation and transformation process of the agrifood industry in China and beyond.

For more details, please check out the news at our Dao Foods website.

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