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Bloomberg Article Covers Dao Ventures' Impact Investing Efforts in China

February 26, 2019, Beijing, China -- Bloomberg Markets recently interviewed Tao Zhang, founder of Dao Ventures, to understand progress of impact investing in China as well as Dao Ventures' efforts to grow sustainable finance in one of the world's worst-polluting countries.

Considered pioneer of impact investing in China, Dao Ventures continues to be bullish on sustainability in China—especially when it comes to livestock emissions, according to the Bloomberg article. The article also points out that Tao Zhang has spent much of the past year looking to accelerate investment in more environmentally friendly plant-based or lab-grown meat for Chinese consumers through a new company co-founded by Dao Ventures, Dao Foods.

Bloomberg has noted that climate change activists are worried that China’s increasing appetite for meat is further straining natural resources and causing methane emissions to soar. Yet Zhang and a new crop of impact investors believe that this, and China’s many other environmental and social concerns, can be solved with capital.

Please click on the picture below to read the article in more detail.

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