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China Corner Office Interview: Eco-friendly investment and the plant-based food sector in China

On China Corner Office, Chris Marquis talks with Tao Zhang, the co-founder of Dao Foods International, a cross-border impact venture that invests in eco-friendly, plant-based, and alternative meat in China. Tao is also the founder and managing director of Dao Ventures, a pioneering impact investment, advisory, and accelerator group. In this episode, he reflects on the evolution of the impact investing sector in China and how some of the early environmentally focused companies attracted investment. As Tao’s recent focus is on funding alternative protein companies, he also discusses why this sector is essential for China’s environmental future, the innovative products of the companies Dao Foods invests in, and the growing acceptance of these foods among the younger generation of Chinese consumers.

Chris Marquis is Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. His teaching and research are focused on business and entrepreneurship in China.

Please click on the following picture to listen to this interview.

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